Rare Strips

Here are some short stories that are now either out of print, or otherwise hard to find. I hope you enjoy them!

Divinity, Existence and Toast (Accent UK)

Divinity, Existence and Toast 1
Divinity, Existence and Toast 2
Divinity, Existence and Toast 3
Divinity, Existence and Toast 4
Divinity, Existence and Toast 5
Divinity, Existence and Toast 6
Divinity, Existence and Toast 7

My favourite of the short stories I’ve produced, this was made for Accent UK’s Robots anthology, and is usually the short story I show people when I want to give examples of my work.

Not One Minute of Silence (Ctrl Alt Shift)

Not One Minute of Silence 1
Not One Minute of Silence 2
Not One Minute of Silence 3
Not One Minute of Silence 4
Not One Minute of Silence 5
Not One Minute of Silence 6

Commissioned by Ctrl Alt Shift for their “Exposing Corruption” anthology
Illustrated by Warren Pleece

This is the true story of a friend who went to Colombia to record human rights abuses, and becoming witness to a murder. The story was later translated into Spanish, and was circulated in Colombia.


More-or-less complete published works

2021 – The Queen’s Favorite Witch, Vol 1: The Wheel of Fortune (With Rachael Smith, Papercutz)

2021 – Dead by Dawn (With Patrick Goddard, Scar Comics)
Short story: “The Laughter of King John”. Created for a horror anthology. Edited by Shane Chebsey and Andy Richmond.

2018 – A New Jerusalem (Myriad Editions / New Internationalist), published in France in 2020 as Le Retour (Actes Sud/L’An2).

2013 – Fight the Power! A Visual History of Protest Among the English-Speaking Peoples (With Sean Michael Wilson, Hunt Emerson, John Spelling and Adam Pasion, New Internationalist / Seven Stories)

2013-2017 – Crazy Neighbours (with Gavin Mitchell, Hunt Emerson and Rory Walker, Enlight Media)
Multiple stories for a counter-culture German humour anthology, from issue 2 onwards

2012-2013 – Santa Claus vs the Nazis (with Gavin Mitchell, Miroslav Mrva and Owen Watts, Aces Weekly / Markosia Enterprises Ltd.)
Originally serialised in online athology Aces Weekly vols 2,3,6,7, where it’s still available. A landscape printed edition was released in 2016 from Markosia, and a portrait version in 2017.

2012 – The Lovecraft Anthology, Vol 2 (With Mick McMahon, Self Made Hero)
Short story adaptation: “The Picture in the House”. for Self Made Hero’s HP Lovecraft anthology.

2012 – Who on Earth Was Thaddeus Mist? (with Leonardo M Guiron, Accent UK)
Short story: “The Vagabond Boy”. Created for an experimental anthology graphic novel, edited by Owen Michael Johnson.

2011-2014 – Slumdroid (with Tony Suleri, Scar Comics)
Created as 4 volumes at 48 pages each, although the book was completed, only the first 2 volumes were published. We released all 4 volumes online for free for a brief period at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, for those who were self-isolating.

2009 – Ctrl Alt Shift Unmasks Corruption (with Warren Pleece, Ctrl Alt Shift)
Short story: “Not One Minute of Silence”. For an anthology on the theme of corruption.

2008 – Heavy Metal Magazine (with James McKay)
Short story: “Serum 39”. Published in the July 2008 issue.

2008 – Robots (Accent UK)
Short story: “Divinity, Existence and Toast”. For an anthology on the theme of robots.

2007 – Zombies (Accent UK)
Short story: “Spirit of the Apocalypse”. For an anthology on the theme of Zombies.

2006 – Monsters (with James McKay, Accent UK)
Short story: “Purity or Nothing”. For an anthology on the theme of Monsters.

2005 – Falling Sky (Scar Comics)
My first full-length original graphic novel. It won Ain’t It Cool News’ “Indie Surprise of the Year” award, and later was named one of their best books of the decade.

2004 – Marraquai (with James McKay, Scar Comics)
A 16 page short story, published independently.

2003 – Phobias (with William Volley, Accent UK)
Short Story: “Monophobia”. For an anthology on the theme of phobias.

Editor, Letterer and/or Designer:

2017 – Bioenergy – A Graphic Introduction (letterer and designer, with James McKay, Supergen Bioenergy Hub et al.)

2016 – A Dream of a Low Carbon Future (editor, letterer and designer, with James McKay, Leeds University)

2013 – The 47 Ronin (letterer/designer, Sean Michael Wilson & Akiko Shimojima, Shambhala)

2013 – Dreams of a Low Carbon Future (editor, letterer & designer, with James McKay, Leeds University)