A New Jerusalem

A New Jerusalem

By Benjamin Dickson

New Internationalist / Myriad Editions, £12.99

1945. The war is over.

Eleven year-old Ralph lives with his mother, plays in bombed-out buildings, and dreams of the day his father will come home and tell him all about his heroic battles. But when his father actually does return, he’s far from what Ralph expected: his father is sullen, withdrawn and refuses to discuss the war at all. As Britain looks to a future fit for heroes, Ralph’s father struggles to adjust to civilian life. Susceptible to fits of crying and uncontrollable rages, his behaviour starts to directly impact Ralph and his mother, and the community around them.

“A highly recommended addition to the realistic war story canon that’s just as dramatic as any bullet-ridden conflict zone yarn.” – Page 45
“A stunning tale” – Down the Tubes
“It is moving. It is smart. It is credible. He captures the barely seen wounds of post-war.” – Cynthia Enloe, author of The Big Push
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Santa Claus vs. the Nazis

Santa Claus vs. the Nazis

Written by Benjamin Dickson
Illustrated by Gavin Mitchell
Coloured by Miroslav Mrva and Owen Watts

Markosia £15.99 (hardback) £10.99 (paperback)

Aces Weekly:


During the invasion of Russia in 1940, German troops stationed in Lapland discover a mysterious village nestled in the mountains. A village that makes toys for children, run by a man with a big white beard…

Hitler realises its significance at once. Wars are won by industry, and Santa Claus has the greatest industrial capacity in the entire world. If he can deliver a present to every child in the world in a single night, Hitler could do the same with a bomb. Whoever controls Santa’s factory will win the war.

“One of the smartest, brightest pieces of sequential storytelling we’ve seen in this medium for years” – David Lloyd (V for Vendetta)
"Remarkably original… both exciting and action packed… a perfect read.” – Pipedream Comics
“Extraordinary” – Down the Tubes
“Honestly, I don’t know how I feel about this whole thing.” – Comics Can Be Stupid
“I liked it! It was exciting and the violence was the best part!” – Anabel F, aged 9, Huffman, Texas
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The Queen's Favorite Witch

The Queen's Favorite Witch

Written by Benjamin Dickson, illustrated by Rachael Smith

Papercutz, $9.99 – $14.99

Elizabethan England is a time of superstition and strange goings on. If you have a problem, it’s common to go to a witch for help. And Queen Elizabeth I is no different…

When Daisy — a precocious young witch — learns of the death of the Queen’s Royal Witch, she flies to London to audition as her replacement. But Daisy is from a poor family, and they don’t let just anyone into the Royal Court. The only way into the palace is to take a job as a cleaner.

As Daisy cleans the palace, she draws the attention of Elizabeth’s doctor (and arch-heretic) John Dee, who places her into the auditions — much to the chagrin of her more well-to-do competitors. But Dee knows how dangerous the corridors of power have become, with dark forces manipulating events for their own ends. To him, Daisy represents a wild card — one that may decide the fate of many.

With so many wanting her to fail, Daisy will need all her grit and determination to make it through these auditions — not to mention a sense of daring and adventure…

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Fight the Power

Fight the Power

A Visual History of Protest Among the English-Speaking Peoples

Written by Benjamin Dickson & Sean Michael Wilson
Illustrated by Hunt Emerson, John Spelling & Adam Pasion

New Internationalist / Myriad Editions, £9.99

Think protest never changed anything? Think again!

Today’s movements are part of a long history of struggle. This book visualises key moments in history where ordinary people have risen up and fought governments, corporations, even empires. When the 99% have stood up to combat exploitation and abuse or in pursuit of freedom of action and a better life. In other words, to show times in history, just like today, when people have struggled forward to Fight the Power! This comic book covers 14 cases of such struggle over the last 200 years and in several English speaking countries.

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Benjamin Dickson is a writer, artist and lecturer whose works include:

  • The critically-acclaimed A New Jerusalem
  • The children’s adventure series The Queen’s Favorite Witch (with Rachael Smith)
  • The very silly Santa Claus vs the Nazis (with Gavin Mitchell).

He mostly specialises in historical drama, and has also collaborated on several freely available graphic novels on the subject of climate change.

He lives and works in Bristol.

Ben signing French copies of A New Jerusalem